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For Issuers

Authentication & Verification

With BadgeCert you know that all badges are 100% verified and current. Issuers are able to set badge expiration rules and mitigate the risk of earners sharing expired or revoked badges.

Recipients of shared badges (e.g. employers, industry organizations) can rest assured that these are indeed verified and current.

Digital badges can also be recorded on a Blockchain to add another layer of verification and security.

Badge images can dynamically change from active to expired

Customizable Experience

Furthermore, from multiple language capabilities, customizable email templates, badge expiration reminders, and downloadable reports, BadgeCert is designed to fully maximize your organization’s marketing and sales objectives.

Marketing Support & Strategy Consulting

Our commitment to helping your organization meet and exceed its goals includes providing you with expert-lead strategy support services, a marketing "launch kit" with tons of ideas and suggestions, and 1:1 marketing support. These professional services are all included at no additional cost and are a key differentiator that will help your organization create a highly successful and meaningful program that leverages our feature-rich technology.

Micro-credentialing & Stackable credentials

With BadgeCert issuers can create “stackable credentials” or "micro-credentials". This advanced feature allows you to create business rules that dictate the pathway towards mastery of professional skills. You can also add unique detailed information (metadata) to each badge to further qualify the nature of the earned credential.


How successful is your credentialing program? No more guessing with BadgeCert’s platform dashboard! Our proprietary reporting and analytics tool provides organizations with 24/7 real-time data such as badge sharing, badge clicks and overall earner usage.

API Access

Organizations have full access to BadgeCert API’s, allowing your LMS, CRM or other enterprise systems to make calls that create, issue and update badges, manage rosters, update settings and many other functions.

For Earners

24/7 access to your cloud-based portfolio

BadgeCert offers earners a universal web based portfolio to maintain a detailed digital record of your achievements and professional activities.

Personalize your learning experience

BadgeCert's digital badges are completely customizable to match your organization's brand and properly showcase the achievement each badge represents.

Share and celebrate your achievements

Badges are meant to be shared and celebrated! Integrated with popular social networking sites, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, earners can easily share their accomplishments directly from their portfolios with colleagues, employers and licensing boards.

Paper Certificates and Plaques

If desired, badges can be embedded with a customized PDF that enables an earner to produce a paper copy of their badge. Earners can also be linked to a source to purchase high quality plaques for display.

Success Stories

"At SMEI we use BadgeCert to recognize individuals who have achieved their professional sales and marketing certification. BadgeCert makes it easy for us to manage our credentials and for certified individuals to share and validate their designation."

Willis Turner, President and CEO

"BadgeCert provided RESNET just the service we needed to offer a professional digital badge to our certified raters. They helped us set things up easily and made adjustments to fit our customers’ preferences for a printable certificate. Great customer service!"

Valerie Briggs, Communications Director

"The American Board of Certification for Gastroenterology Nurses (ABCGN) launched digital badging through BadgeCert in 2018 as a way to promote and engage our stakeholders on the value of their certification. BadgeCert has been a great partner in providing our stakeholders the opportunity to share and market their certification digitally on their social media and email signatures."

Heather Rich, Executive Director

Live Demo + Q&A | Thursday, July 25 | 3:00pm ET

Join us for a 20-minute virtual hangout where you can ask your questions about digital badging and micro-credentialing, and quickly learn what BadgeCert does, how it differs from other platforms, and how it will benefit your organization.

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