BadgeCert Expands its Capabilities with New Technology that Leverages Digital Identity in Career Development

May 1, 2024, Northbrook, Illinois – BadgeCert Inc., the leading provider of digital badges that recognize professional achievement, is pleased to announce the issuance of a United States patent, “Systems and Methods for Leveraging Internet Identity for Digital Credentialing.” This patent represents a new chapter in the role of secure, immutable digital credentials in the career journey for professionals.  Digital identity introduces a new layer of trust in the issuance and viewing of digital credentials to reinforce the importance of all forms of assessments, training, and education.  The patent expands upon the underlying technology of trust networks by creating a layer that alleviates the complexity in implementation, thereby delivering a premier stakeholder experience.

BadgeCert is committed to continuously enhancing its cloud offering that recognizes professional achievement, and is working with the industry to standardize digital identity solutions and broaden the role digital credentials play in the evolution of training and education.  CEO and Co-Founder, Ginger Malin said, “we are excited by the role digital badges play in career development and we believe that digital identity will continue to drive education to new heights, especially as students and professionals seek new models for continuous learning.”

The company recently introduced a certificate builder and boosted its online eCommerce features, and anticipates the introduction of new features that expand upon digital identity within the next year.  Visit for more information.


About BadgeCert

BadgeCert is an enterprise-class platform for creating, issuing, storing, and sharing digital badges that verify earners’ skills, credentials, and continuing education experiences.  With its enhanced functionality ensuring 100% real-time authentication for viewers, BadgeCert is the proven credentialing solution for associations, training providers, regulatory agencies, educational institutions, corporations, non-profits, and many more.

BadgeCert benefits include:

  • 100% verified: Insure the authenticity of credentials being delivered and shared.
  • Branding: Increase exposure of the organization’s brand across social platforms.
  • Analytics: Analyze market impact by reviewing badge sharing and views.
  • Cost mitigation: Reduce mailing expenses and certificate processing labor.
  • Always available: BadgeCerts are delivered from the cloud for 24×7 online access.
  • Global: Badges can be rendered in multiple languages.
  • Skills: Capture and analyze skills supplied by earners, especially for CE and expertise tracking.

June 5, 2024

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